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“…the independent watchdog and research group Integrity Florida took little time raising its profile and becoming an influential player in public policy.”

Tampa Bay Times, read more..

Integrity Florida proposal “…ultimately could shape reform efforts on the federal level…”

The Washington Post, read more..

“Integrity Florida … exemplifies what it means to work for common good.”

Global Integrity, read more..

“Integrity Florida is a nonpartisan research institute and government watchdog with a goal of promoting integrity in government.”

Sun Port Charlotte, read more..

 “Integrity Florida is a “government watchdog.”

Sunshine State News, read more..

“Integrity Florida, a nonprofit watchdog agency, slammed the Public Service Commission as being “’captured’ by the industries it regulates – which often leads to decisions that are not in the best economic interest of Florida’s families and businesses.”

South Florida Sun Sentinel, read more..
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