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No Comments 17 October 2013

Open data.  Unleash all of the non-confidential data funded by taxpayers to be used by consumers and for citizens to know if government programs are working.  Floridians should be able to easily measure the success of all government programs to get better results.  We could use information already collected by our government if bulk data was made available for download and use.  Mobile app developers and researchers would use this data to create jobs, tell us more about school choices for our children and our health care options.

Open data success stories in Florida:

Florida Governor Rick Scott offers a 1-click download of state university employee salary information here.

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater provides open data access to information on more than 42,000 state government vendor contracts here.

The Florida Department of Management Services offers one-click download of salary information for more than 114,000 state government employees here.

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Related state government transparency websites in Florida:

FloridaSunshine.Gov – compilation of state government transparency websites.

Transparency Florida (State Finances) – Accounting and finance information for the entire state of Florida

Transparency Florida (State Budget) – Budget and spending information for Florida as appropriated

Florida Has a Right to Know – State employee payroll and pension information

Florida Accountability Contract Tracking System (FACTS) – Search State contracts by Agency, Vendor or Value

Florida Government Program Summaries – A monitor of State programs and services provided by the Florida Legislature

Florida Fiscal Portal – Readable budget related documents submitted by the Governor, Legislature and State Agencies

Transparency Florida Act User Experience Task Force – Meeting Notices and work plan documents provided by the User Experience Task Force

Related resources from other organizations:

Open Data Policy Guidelines from the Sunlight Foundation

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