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Florida’s Path to Ethics Reform

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Integrity Florida is releasing a new corruption risk report on Florida’s ethics laws titled Florida’s Path to Ethics Reform. The report finds Florida is making progress in the fight against public corruption, but much more should be done. Read the report here.

Key Findings

  • Florida is no longer leading the nation in federal public corruption convictions as was the case from 2000 through 2010. From the latest available Department of Justice data, Florida had 622 public corruption convictions from 2003 through 2013. That means Florida is third behind Texas with 870 corruption convictions and California with 678. Federal public corruption convictions in Florida have declined in recent years.
  • In the 2015 update to the State Integrity Investigation, Florida’s grade for “Ethics Enforcement Agencies” went from an “F” in 2012 to a “D-minus” in 2015. The report cites the ethics reform/anti-corruption measures adopted by the Florida legislature in 2013 and 2014 as the reason for the improvement, but says those reforms “were not enough to make a real impact.”
  • The report examines the anti-corruption recommendations made by the Nineteenth Statewide Grand Jury in 2010 and finds only a few have been adopted and the majority have never even been considered by the Florida legislature.

Policy Options for the 2016 Florida legislature.

  • Senate Bill 582 by Senator Don Gaetz would put into law two anti-corruption recommendations of the Nineteenth Statewide Grand Jury. The bill would expand the definition of public servants so government vendors could be prosecuted under bribery and misuse of office statutes. It would also remove language in the statutes that requires prosecutors prove defendants acted “corruptly” or with “corrupt intent,” making it easier to prosecute public corruption.
  • Senate Bill 686/House Bill 593 by Senator Gaetz and Representative Larry Metz is an omnibus ethics reform measure that contains the provisions in Senate Bill 582 along with other good reforms including requiring elected city officials to file full financial disclosure.

Read the report Florida’s Path to Ethics Reform for more ethics reform/anti-corruption policy options.

Ethics Reform

Ethics reform

No Comments 15 October 2015

Finish the job of meaningful ethics reform.

The 2016 legislative session begins January 12th and Integrity Florida is pleased that two legislators have announced they will file an anti-corruption bill in both the Senate and the House. The bill was proposed by Gannett News Service and is consistent with Integrity Florida’s research and public policy recommendations. Senator Don Gaetz (R-Destin) and Representative Ritch Workman (R-Melbourne) have pledged to file the legislation. You can read their announcement here.

The bill would put into law two anti-corruption recommendations that were in the 2010 Nineteenth Statewide Grand Jury Report titled A Study of Public Corruption in Florida and Recommended Solutions. The bill would expand the definition of “public servants” so government vendors and contractors could be prosecuted under bribery and misuse-of-office statutes.

It also removes language in the statutes that requires prosecutors prove defendants acted “corruptly” or with “corrupt intent.” The grand jury described that language as an extra burden of proof that has limited the effectiveness of corruption laws. Instead prosecutors would only have to meet the standard burden that someone acted “intentionally or knowingly.”

The Nineteenth Statewide Grand Jury report contained additional recommendations to fight corruption in Florida, many of which have never been considered by the legislature. It’s encouraging to see this new legislation and Integrity Florida hopes more legislators will revisit the Grand Jury’s recommendations and use them as a template for future reforms.

Florida Commission on Ethics 2016 Legislative Agenda

The Florida Commission on Ethics adopted its legislative wish list at its September meeting. You can read their legislative priorities here. The recommendations include giving the Commission on Ethics limited authority to initiate an investigation without first receiving a complaint. An extraordinary majority of the Commission would have to agree to initiate the investigation. Giving the Commission the authority to initiate investigations on its own was also a recommendation of the Nineteenth Grand Jury.

The Commission’s legislative agenda also includes increasing the maximum fine for an ethics violation from $10,000 to $20,000 and adding liens on personal property to the Commission’s toolkit to collect unpaid financial disclosure fines. The Commission also wants all elected officials to file the more informative form 6 financial disclosure form rather than the less informative form 1. Currently only constitutional officers are required to file form 6. Integrity Florida is hopeful the legislative priorities of the Commission on Ethics will be the subject of legislation in the 2016 legislative session.

Integrity Florida will be tracking all bills that propose anti-corruption solutions and seek to raise the ethics bar in Florida. This will be the fourth year in a row that ethics in Florida government has seen legislative attention and 2016 has the potential for truly significant improvements.

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Ethics Reform

Former LG Jennifer Carroll Financial Disclosure Records

No Comments 13 March 2013

2001 2002 2003 2004 2004 - Gifts 2005 2005 - Amendment 2006 2007 2008 2009 2009 - Amendment 2010 2010-2 2010 - Gifts 2011 2012 - Gifts


Update: Carroll’s amended 2010 financial disclosure form filed April 8, 2013 with the Florida Commission on Ethics. Click here to download

Source: Florida Commission on Ethics


Ethics Reform

Financial Disclosure Reports

No Comments 28 July 2012

2012 Florida Governor, Lt. Governor & Cabinet

Governor Rick Scott

Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater

Attorney General Pam Bondi

Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner  Adam Putnam

2012 Florida Senate

Alexander, JD
Altman, Thad
Benaquisto, Lizbeth
Bennett, Mike
Bogdanoff, Ellyn
Braynon, Oscar
Bullard, Larcenia
Dean, Charlie
Detert, Nancy
Diaz de la Portilla, Miguel
Dockery, Paula
Evers, Greg
Fasano, Mike
Flores, Anitere
Gaetz, Don
Garcia, Rene
Gardiner, Andy
Gibson, Audrey
Haridopolis, Mike
Hays, Alan
Jones, Dennis
Joyner, Arthenia
Latvala, Jack
Lynn, Evelyn
Margolis, Gwen
Montford, Bill
Negron, Joseph
Norman, Jim
Oelrich, Steve
Rich, Nan
Richter, Garrett
Ring, Jeremy
Sachs, Maria
Simmons, David
Siplin, Gary
Smith, Chris
Sobel, Eleanor
Storms, Ronda
Thrasher, John
Wise, Stephen

2012 Florida House of Representatives

Abruzzo, Joseph
Adkins, Janet
Ahern, Larry
Albritton, Ben
Artiles, Frank
Aubuchon, Gary
Baxley, Dennis
Bembry, Leonard
Berman, Lori
Bernard, Mack
Bileca, Michael
Boyd, Jim
Brandes, Jeff
Brodeur, Jason
Broxson, Doug
Bullard, Dwight
Burgin, Rachel
Caldwell, Matt
Campbell, Daphne
Cannon, Dean
Chestnut, Chuck
Clarke-Reed, Gwyndolen
Clemens, Jeff
Coley, Marti
Corcoran, Richard
Costello, Fred
Crisafulli, Steve
Cruz, Janet
Davis, Daniel
Diaz, Jose
Dorworth, Chris
Drake, Brad
Eisnaugle, Eric
Ford, Clay
Fresen, Erik
Frishe, Jim
Fullwood, Reggie
Gaetz, Matt
Garcia, Luis
Gibbons, Joseph
Glorioso, Rich
Gonzalez, Eddy
Goodson, Tom
Grant, James
Grimsley, Denise
Hager, Bill
Harrell, Gayle
Harrison, Shawn
Holder, Doug
Hooper, Ed
Horner, Mike
Hudson, Matt
Hukill, Dorothy
Ingram, Clay
Jenne, Evan
Jones, Mia
Julien, John Patrick
Kiar, Marty
Kreegel, Paige
Kriseman, Rick
Legg, John
Logan, Ana
Lopez-Cantera, Carlos
Mayfield, Debbie
McBurney, Charles
McKeel, Seth
Metz, Larry
Moraitis, George
Nehr, Peter
Nelson, Bryan
Nunez, Jeanette
Oliva, Jose
O’Toole, Marlene
Pafford, Mark
Passidomo, Kathleen
Patronis, Jimmy
Perman, Steve
Perry, Keith
Pilon, Ray
Plakon, Scott
Porter, Elizabeth
Porth, Ari
Precourt, Steve
Proctor, Bill
Randolph, Scott
Ray, Lake
Reed, Betty
Rehwinkel Vasilinda, Michelle
Renuart, Doc
Roberson, Kenneth
Rogers, Hazel
Rooney, Pat
Rouson, Darryl
Sands, Franklin
Saunders, Ron
Schenck, Rob
Schwartz, Elaine
Slosberg, Irv
Smith, Jimmie
Snyder, William
Soto, Darren
Stafford, Cynthia
Stargel, Kelli
Steinberg, Richard
Steube, Greg
Taylor, Dwayne
Thompson, Geri
Thurston, Perry
Tobia, John
Trujillo, Carlos
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