About Integrity Florida

Integrity Florida is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research institute and government watchdog whose mission is to promote integrity in government and expose public corruption.  Our vision is government in Florida that is the most open, ethical, responsive and accountable in the world.

Integrity Florida and its research have been cited by major news outlets including CNN, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters and the Associated Press.

Integrity Florida policy solutions have been incorporated into 15 new laws increasing government transparency and accountability in Florida.

Founded in January 2012 by Dan Krassner, Nicole Krassner and Michael Dema, Integrity Florida is based in Tallahassee, Florida.  Research Director Ben Wilcox joined the organization in February 2012.

Current research is focused on increasing government transparency and accountability through open budgets, open contracts, open data, ethics reform, campaign finance reform and reducing cronyism.

What Others are Saying about Integrity Florida

Tampa Bay Times: “…the independent watchdog and research group Integrity Florida took little time raising its profile and becoming an influential player in public policy.”

Pensacola News-Journal: “…Integrity Florida is on the side of angels, doing work on the anti-corruption stage and urging Florida lawmakers to do something about our top-ranked status.”

Global Integrity: “Integrity Florida … exemplifies what it means to work for common good.”

Washington Post: Integrity Florida proposal “…ultimately could shape reform efforts on the federal level…”

How Integrity Florida is Funded

Thank you to all of our philanthropic supporters for their investment in the mission of Integrity Florida:

Alan Bomstein
Allie & Robert Gore
Andy Dubois
Ann & Richard Linthicum
Ben Wilcox
Betty Ra & Marvin Ivey
Bullsugar Alliance
C.C. Doc Dockery
Carol & William Weissert
Carolyn Kolb
Catherine Baer
Charles R. Dassance
Clay Vind
Concerned Citizens of Franklin County
Dan & Nicole Krassner
Dave VonGunten
David Bogle
Diane Jacobstein
Edward J. and Vivian E. Lurie fund within the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
Elizabeth Overholt
Frances Campbell
Fred & Sylvia Petty
Hannah Krassner
Harvey L. Goldstein
Helen & Ben Jacobstein
Irene Guy
Jack Benjamin
James Ballard
James O’Gara
Jeannie & Brette Sanford
Jeffrey Ulrich
Jerry Hannon
Jill Maunder Ogden
Jim Jackson
John L O’Brien
Jo Miglino
Laura L. Starkey
League of Women Voters of the Villages/Tri-County Area
Lee Benjamin
Lee Johnson
Leonard J. Mankin
Leslie B. Mankin
Lisa Barnes
Luis C. Morse
Marilynn Wills
Mark Lipsman
Michael Bindman
Michael Levine
Mike & Melody Walton
Mimi Tipton
Morton Winsberg
Norm Lupo
Panza, Maurer & Maynard, P.A.
Patricia Sullivan
Pegeen Hanrahan
Penelope Crandall
Peter Bentley
Peter Butzin Irrevocable Trust
Phillip and Linda Lerner
Progress Florida Education Institute
Ray Bellamy
Richard and Joanne Coen
Richard Jeppesen
Robert M. Levy
Robert M. Nied
Ronald Logdahl
Rosemary Goudreau
Sally Siegel
Sandy Coffey
Security Consulting Network LLC
Sheila & Todd Siegel
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Stan Whittaker
Stephen J. and Claudia Sue Roth
Steven Ulrich
Terry Krassner
The Tea Party Network
Theodore Winsberg
Thomas Hall
Thomas & Elizabeth Reid
Thomas F. Panza
Valerie Leggett
Victoria Day Najjar
Vivian Faircloth
William H. McBride

Project-specific funding from the following organizations:

(Comprehensive Integrity Florida donor list as of November 29, 2017)

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